Thursday, March 8, 2007

SL-SPAG Radio launches

If you visit the SP Amphitheatre in Second Life now the radio player gives you the option of SP Radio.

You can still select specific interviews and tracks, but the radio runs continuously.

I am planning to do an 'SP update' slot each week, with a live broadcast of news and responses to questions.

So look out for the first 'SP update' next week. Wednesday 14 March at 1pm PST (9pm UK time), with a special report on climate change event on 11 March (I hope you'll be listening).

You can listen to SL-SPAG radio in the amphitheatre, or visit the station home page at:

Alternatively post the following URL into your browser window and it should open up your radio player:

It's not too slick at the moment. Recording of public meetings needs some quality control.

And I'm working on the jingles.

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