Monday, May 28, 2007

Shaping the Simultaneous Policy

Discussion forums have been added to the Simpol-UK website where it is possible to comment and vote on policy suggestions submitted so far.

Go to the 'policy zone' of:

The next SL-SPAG Radio special will look at the current ranking of suggestions. What's the most popular? How can Adopters submit proposals and get them climbing the list? How will the detail of policies be developed and decided?

It will be ready for the next round of meetings, starting on 4 June. More details shortly.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Feedback on last series of meetings

A couple of things came from our last series of meetings. One is that now is a good time to lobby candidates for the US Presidency as they are looking for votes and through local party organisations, you should be able to get word to their campaigns fairly easily.

Second, is the rather obvious need for information in the right language! Fortunately a Brazilian volunteer has offered to translate the Simpol website into Portuguese. There are other languages on the international site, which has just gone live in its new format.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

How to get your politicians to sign the SP pledge

Campaigners workshops
SP Amphitheatre, Tangun.
8-11 May, 5 am PDT - 1 pm UK time (GMT+1).

Politicians are asked to sign a pledge to implement the Simultaneous Policy alongside other governments. More and more are doing so. If your representatives haven't signed, come to learn how can you persuade them. If they have, come to share your experiences.

Follow the series of meetings, I'll prepare an audio summary for broadcasting on SL-SPAG Radio and selecting on the audio library in the SP Amphitheatre.

For resources for campaigning and press releases on past successes, see the Simpol websites (links at the side).

Remember to vote for SL-SPAG to win a New Media Award if you have not done so already. It would great to see more comments on the Award site, as well as the ranking votes. See: