Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SP climate change meeting

Simpol-UK, coordinator of the Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign in the UK, held a policy forum on climate change at the UK House of Parliament on 28 February.

We weren't able to broadcast this live as we had hoped due to Parliament's rules. So we are planning to broadcast the recording with a live question and answer session. I am thinking of 1 pm PST on Sunday 11 March. Would you come then? This could make it part of the Diversity Festival. IM Luzo Orbit if you have a preference for date and time.

Speakers were:

Aubrey Meyer, Global Commons Institute. This has developed a science-based proposal for saving the planet for human life, know as 'contraction and convergence'. Simply put, we need to contract our carbon emissions and converge as nations, so there is global justice in how we use our common ecosystem.

John Stewart of Stop Airport Expansion, spoke on the need for a coordinated policy on air travel, which is growing to become a major source of carbon emissions.

John Bunzl, Director of the International SP Organisation, picked up on the need for simultaneous action by countries around the world and explained how SP is working to make this happen.

The Member of Parliament who hosted the event, Martin Horwood, spoke very strongly in support of SP. He has signed the pledge to implement SP alongside other governments. A growing number of politicians are doing so.

If you wish to help the campaign, contact your elected representatives and call on them to sign the pledge. Also sign up as an Adopter in RL to vote on policy suggestions and put forward your own. See:

Meetings on 28 February

It is not possible to broadcast the meetings on 28 February live.

Recordings will be made available on-line and in the SP Adopters' amphitheatre in Second Life soon.

Details will be posted here soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Live broadcast from the London School of Economics

To listen enter the URL into your on-line mp3 player.


Email your input in question time to luzoorbit((AT))

Replace ((AT)) with @

Monday, February 26, 2007

Broadcast testing today

Finally cracked how to broadcast into SL. After downloading various packages which internet searching suggested would help the solution came via a chat with the guy who runs the Hummingbird Café in SL.

There will be a test today. I will be online much of today (Monday 26th February). If you can come into SL, send an IM to Luzo Orbit and I'll tell you how to listen.

If you can't make it into SL and want to try out listening in the old-fashioned way, send an email to and I'll tell you what to do.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

SP tent at the diversity festival

Verum Vacira, who is coordinating the Diversity Festival 2007, has kindly offered SL-SPAG a tent in the exhibition area. I've set up a few things from the noticeboard. Landmark givers, link to this blog, free t-shirts etc.

Above: In the non-profit section with Verum.

Below: Trying out the sofa in the tent. I'll aim to hang around there as much as I can.

If you can help staff the tent sometime to talk to people about SP, please send me an IM in world.

You can go direct to the tent by clicking this SL-URL:

Or go to the SP amphitheatre (link to the left of this blog)) By the noticeboard is a big banner with Diversity 2007 on it and a box with a link to the festival complex and a notecard. Go to the festival complex and use the teleporter to go to the NP (Non-Profit) section.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hear John Bunzl in the amphitheatre

Things are moving on a pace.

There is now a radio tuner in the amphitheatre and you can select to hear different recordings.

Here I am adding more of Chris's music (under the name RED).

And now I am starting to build up an audio library of interviews given by SP campaigners, starting with the founder of the campaign, John Bunzl.

This is an interview given to Global Public Media in January 2006.

You can also hear it online at

I'm looking to make the access system a little more sophisticated for browsing what can be heard and perhaps delivering a notecard with a summary.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

New artists in the SP amphitheatre

A historic day yesterday as I cracked converting and uploading audio files so they can play in the amphitheatre in the SP Adopters' hang out.

The first song streamed into the area was 'Happy end of the world' by my RL friend Chris Blythe, with Fleur Sant. Drop in and listen by activating the in-world music player at the bottom of the browser window.

In the immediate future, I will be adding a radio player so you can opt to listen to an album of Chris's music, specially prepared for the SP amphitheatre, or to various radio interviews given by Simultaneous Policy campaigners.

See the previous blog for news of RL meetings that will be coming to the amphitheatre at the end of February.

Music wise, I am planning to feature new artists and look forward to arranging live concerts as well a putting up albums on the radio player. If you know anyone who would like to be featured, please direct them to this blog so they can contact me.

Here is the technical stuff on how I did it which may help you. Me too, if I forget. This is for a Mac.

The original file was in Quicktime, so the main challenge was converting it to mp3 as it seems SL will only play mp3 files.

1. Opened it with Quicktime pro and exported as an AIFF file.

2. Opened the AIFF file with Audacity (which won't open Quicktime files). Audacity can be downloaded from here. It needs LameLib to work, which can be downloaded from here.

3. Exported as mp3.

4. Uploaded to a free hosting site I found called MediaMax.

5. Opted to listen to the file from MediaMax, selecting to download the playlist file (this is usually automatically opened by iTunes or another media file - but save it instead).

6. Open Word or other text programme and open the playlist file. This will contain the URL of the streaming audio file.

7. Go to the land in SL where you want to play the audio. Click on the land description at the top of the browser to open the control window. Select the 'media' tab. Type the URL into into the top audio field (cut and paste doesn't work to put things into SL unfortunately).

If you have a radio player there will be a playlist where the URL can be put. Alternatively it should be possible to create a playlist with more than one song in MaxMedia so an album of songs can be played.

Watch this space for news of these plans being implemented.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

SL and RL meetings 27/28 February 2007

There are three meetings coming up in London which I hope to bring into SL.

If you are able, you are welcome to come along to the RL meetings. I aim to stream the meetings themselves, or interviews with speakers, into SL.

The three meetings are:

27 February: London School of Economics Environmental Initiatives Network (LSEEIN) meeting on SP. 6.30pm – 8 pm (UK time) 10.30am - 12 noon (PST).

28 February: Simpol-UK strategic planning meeting (open to SP Adopters). 10am – 1 pm (UK time) 2am - 5am (PST).

28 February: Simpol-UK Policy Forum on Climate Change. House of Commons. 3pm – 5 pm (UK time) 7am - 9am (PST).

Details of locations of the RL meetings are given below.

Also see the notice board at the SP Adopters’ hang out.

Details on how to participate in SL will be sent out in due course.

The following is the email announcement sent out by Simpol-UK to the global email lists. To join these RL lists sign up as an SP Adopter at or Please mention you heard about SP from Luzo Orbit if this is the case.

---Simpol-UK announcement
There are three important meetings concerning SP taking place on 27th and 28th February which should interest you and we hope you'll come along and participate.

London School of Economics Environmental Initiatives Network (LSEEIN)

LSEEIN are holding an event focused on Simpol. It will be held at the LSE, Lecture Theatre U8, Tower 1 on Tuesday 27th February 6.30pm - 8pm. For more information, please go to

John Bunzl will be speaking along with other speakers yet to be confirmed by LSEEIN.

To reach the venue, enter Houghton St from Aldwych and walk to the end, turn right to Clements Inn - Tower Block 1 is on the right and the lecture theatre is on the 8th floor. For more directions, go to and click on 'Maps & Directions'.
The meeting is free and open to the public. To book your place, please email or call 020-7955 7050.

Simpol-UK Strategic Planning Meeting 28 February

All UK Adopters are welcome to participate in shaping Simpol-UK's strategic plan for the coming 1-2 years. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th February, 10am - 1pm at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL in the Betrand Russell room. Attendance is free and if you will be coming, please let us know by contacting Diana Trimble or call 020-8464 4141.

Simpol-UK's first Strategic Plan was agreed in 2004 and our progress in the following two years against the objectives and targets set are summarised in the Simpol-UK 2006 Year Report which can be freely downloaded from
If you require a copy by post, please request one from Diana Trimble

Simpol-UK Policy Forum on Climate Change 28 February

In our 2006 survey of Adopters' priorities on the policy content of SP, climate change was voted the nr. 1 priority by UK Adopters. As a result, we are holding a meeting open to all Adopters and the public to provide more information on this urgent issue and how it can be tackled. The meeting will be held at the House of Commons, Committee Room 16 on Wednesday 28th February 3pm - 5pm. Speakers invited are:

Aubrey Meyer, Director of the Global Commons Institute will speak on Contraction & Convergence, a global policy to deal with climate change which has received widespread public support and has been submitted for possible inclusion in the Simultaneous Policy (SP).

Norman Baker MP, former campaigner on the environment for the Liberal Democrats.

A representative of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research which advises the government on climate change.

John Bunzl, National Coordinator of Simpol-UK and trustee of ISPO will speak about SP as an alternative yet complementary means by which citizens can drive their politicians and governments towards cooperative international action to combat climate change.

Attendance is free but please email or call on 020-8464 4141 to let us know if you are coming.

Many thanks
John Bunzl

John Bunzl - National Coordinator
The Simultaneous Policy Organisation of the UK
SP: Humanity taking responsibility