Friday, February 9, 2007

Hear John Bunzl in the amphitheatre

Things are moving on a pace.

There is now a radio tuner in the amphitheatre and you can select to hear different recordings.

Here I am adding more of Chris's music (under the name RED).

And now I am starting to build up an audio library of interviews given by SP campaigners, starting with the founder of the campaign, John Bunzl.

This is an interview given to Global Public Media in January 2006.

You can also hear it online at

I'm looking to make the access system a little more sophisticated for browsing what can be heard and perhaps delivering a notecard with a summary.

1 comment:

Gareth Doutch said...

Nice one Luzo! (or should I say Mike? ;) )

I've signed up, and will get the t-shirt soon!

Having trouble finding tim in RL at the moment, but will see you in there soon!