Friday, March 30, 2007

Discussion groups 2-6 April

Holding corporations accountable

1 pm UK time (BST), 5 am SL time (PDT) SP Adopters' Amphitheatre, 45 minutes.

Transnational corporations become increasingly powerful and have the economic power to threaten governments.

How can the power of corporations be balanced? In a globalized world is it time for global systems of accountability?

Some of the proposals from RL Simultaneous Policy Adopters will be on SL-SPAG radio at 5 am, with 30 minutes of text chat afterwards.

Listen on-line by clicking this link:

For further information, see the policy zone of the Simpol-UK website.

If you think these meetings are cool, vote for SL-SPAG in the New Media Awards. See:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Media Award for SL-SPAG? Please vote!!

Second Life Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group (SL-SPAG) is having meetings most week days now.

This week they have been on the them of 'Climate change - cultural diversity is part of the solution'. This includes an interview about a Real Life (RL) project on climate change, which serves as a starting point for discussion.

At today's meeting there were participants from Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, UK and United States. An international meeting with no air travel!

The events are starting to get picked up by others, as on this blog:

This is a great new way to spread the SP message and hear what people around the world think of the issues and the potential and challenges of SP.

As an innovative way to campaign, it has been submitted for a New Media Award. You can give SL-SPAG your vote at:

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Discussion groups 26-30 March 2007

Climate change - cultural diversity is part of the solution

Simultaneous Policy Adopters Group (SL-SPAG) meeting - all welcome.

1pm UK time (BST), 5am SL time (PDT).

There will be an interview from SL-SPAG Radio with Shilpa Shah of the RL Akashi Project. You can find out more about the project at:

Here is how it is described:

I'm an innovative, exciting new project exploring what climate change is and making the issues relevant and interesting to different community and faith groups. I'm a partner project, between Cambridge Carbon Footprint (a small funky environmental organisation), Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum (an umbrella organisation for lots of cool organisations in and around Cambridge) and Cambridge Architectural Research (a sustainability consultancy, who host the project in their offices). I'm coordinated by Shilpa Shah, who likes to talk lots and meet new people.

SP is all about bringing people together around the world to discuss the policies they would like to see to address global problems, so Luzo Orbit thought it would be interesting to hear how Shilpa is working with people from different cultural backgrounds at a local level in Cambridge. It turns out there is a lot to learn as many people from minority cultures in the UK have links to other countries through relatives. On climate change this may mean they have a better understanding of the impact climate change - and over-consumption in the rich world - is having elsewhere.

Find out more by listening to the 12 minute interview.

You can listen in-world in the SP Amphitheatre or through the internet at:

The interview is now in the rolling programme on SL-SPAG Radio at:

At the meetings during the week 26-30 March, the recording will be played and then there will be a text chat discussion for about 30 minutes. Come along on any of the days.

For alerts about SL-SPAG events, search for the group SP Adopters in world. To support the campaign officially, you will need to register in RL (see the links to the Simpol websites).

At recent week day events, there have been typically 4 or 5 participants from around the world taking part in discussions led by Luzo Orbit. We've had people from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

So please do come along and join in.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Discussion groups 19-23 March 2007

Simultaneous Policy Adopters Group (SL-SPAG) meeting - all welcome.

1pm UK time (GMT), 6am SL time (PDT).

There will be an interview from SL-SPAG Radio about Fair Trade, which sets out criteria for assuring producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce. It is a voluntary scheme. Should the Simultaneous Policy (SP) include measures to make all trade Fair Trade?

SP Adopters discuss the policies they would like to see to address global problems, such as unfair trade, and call on politicians to sign a pledge to implement SP alongside other governments. A growing number are doing so around the world, moving us closer to implementation.

SL-SPAG has regular discussions and a programme of more in-depth polic fora with guest speakers.

You can also listen to interviews and presentations on SL-SPAG Radio in-world in the SP Amphitheatre or through the internet at:

Listen to the rolling programme on SL-SPAG Radio at:

For background information see the SP websites (links at the side) and the discussion paper from RL Cambridge SP Adopters' Group (CAMSPAG). See:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The politics of climate change

Climate change is dominating the headlines in the UK at the moment, with opposition and governing parties arguing over what they will do. See:,,2032532,00.html

The opposition is arguing for taxation of air travel and personal allowances. The government is saying international action is required - otherwise the economy will suffer. It is a classic Simultaneous Policy (SP) scenario.

John Bunzl explained to Luzo Orbit what is going on, what we can hope for from the politicians and what it all means to SP in an interview broadcast on SL-SPAG radio at 6pm yesterday. You can now select it on the radio player in the SP Ampthitheatre (Button dated 13March07). Alternatively listen here:

Listen now/Download mp3

It is now on the loop with past interviews, presentations and the climate change policy forum. Listen to the loop via:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Report on climate change event on 11 March

SL-SPAG (Second Life Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group) held its first policy forum on Sunday 11 March 2007.

It was a great success and great fun, with people teleporting in to sit in the SP Adopters' Amphitheatre in front of a screen showing slides about the Contraction and Convergence (C&C) policy proposed to address climate change.

There was an audio stream from the RL (Real Life) policy forum held by Simpol-UK at the UK Parliament last week, with Aubrey Meyer, Director of the Global Commons Institute, presenting C&C. SL-SPAG Coordinator, Luzo Orbit, hosted the event with text chat in the virtual world. Many thanks to Verum Vacirca for including the event in the Diversity Festival.

Key slides from Aubrey's presentation are given below. A full powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from:

You can still hear the presentation. See

Slide 1: Business as usual (BAU). Carbon dioxide concentration and temperature rising out of control.

Slide 2: Squiggly line - economic growth cycle imposed on carbon concentration. Coloured graph - Contraction of overall carbon dioxide production with time, with different colours signifying different countries outputs.

Slide 3: Without swift action, the sinks that absorb Carbon Dioxide (such as the Amazon) could fail and become sources of Carbon Dioxide (the Amazon is already drying out to such an extent in some areas, that there are forest fires). Below, the plan for rapid contraction, with convergence of per capita output of carbon dioxide.

Participants in the meeting were from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

SL-SPAG enables international meetings, without the air travel.

In RL voting last year in the UK, Simultaneous Policy (SP) Adopters voted climate change as the top issue to be addressed. SP provides a democratic space for discussion, development and approval on policies people around the world wish to see implemented. Adopters undertake to vote for any candidate at elections, within reason, who pledges to implement SP alongside other governments, or, if they have a party preference, to encourage their preferred party to support SP. Politicians in an increasing number of countries are doing so. SL-SPAG members are encouraged to sign up to the campaign in RL.

The day after the meeting, the UK Finance Minister (or Chancellor, Gordon Brown) was under pressure to support taxation on air travel, proposed by the leader of the opposition. The Government response is that action is only possible by simultaneous international agreement, otherwise UK airports and businesses will lose out. This fear of putting a country at a competitive disadvantage is the obstacle SP aims to overcome by bringing people together around the world to provide the lead to politicians. See:,,2032532,00.html

See the websites (links at the side) to sign up as an SP Adopter if you have not already. Time is of the essence!

See the Simpol-UK website to comment on policy suggestions and propose your alternatives if you wish.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Climate change event in Diversity 2007 Festival - 11 March 9 pm GMT (UK time)

Diversity Festival event, 11 March, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST.
Peoples' Theatre, Han Loso and
SP Adopters' Hang out, Tangun
With Aubrey Meyer (recorded last week) and Luzo Orbit.

You can listen in live on SL-SPAG radio. See:

Human activity, such as burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests, has increased levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. These so-called greenhouse gases trap heat reaching the Earth from the sun and temperatures are increasing. If this continues unchecked the planet will become inhospitable to human life.

Second Life Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group (SL-SPAG) is holding a policy forum on climate change during the Diversity Festival 2007. SP brings people together around the world to discuss solutions to global problems, with a strategy for gaining political support for their implementation, a strategy that is working.

Aubrey Meyer, Director of the Global Commons Institute, spoke at an SP event last week and his presentation will be played with live explanation of SP from Luzo Orbit and discussion.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

SL-SPAG Radio launches

If you visit the SP Amphitheatre in Second Life now the radio player gives you the option of SP Radio.

You can still select specific interviews and tracks, but the radio runs continuously.

I am planning to do an 'SP update' slot each week, with a live broadcast of news and responses to questions.

So look out for the first 'SP update' next week. Wednesday 14 March at 1pm PST (9pm UK time), with a special report on climate change event on 11 March (I hope you'll be listening).

You can listen to SL-SPAG radio in the amphitheatre, or visit the station home page at:

Alternatively post the following URL into your browser window and it should open up your radio player:

It's not too slick at the moment. Recording of public meetings needs some quality control.

And I'm working on the jingles.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Climate Change Policy Forum - 28 February 2007

Organised by Simpol-UK

It was not possible to broadcast this live due to regulations in the House of Commons (UK Parliament), where the meeting took place.

You can hear the presentations here using an on-line mp3 player, either separately or in one go. You can also download all presentations as a podcast.

A: Chair, Donald Martin, welcome and introduction. 1 min 20 secs

B: John Stewart, Director Airport Watch. 7 mins 25 secs

C: Martin Horwood MP, host. Mr Harwood has signed the pledge to implement the Simultaneous Policy alongside other governments. 3 mins 58 secs

D: Aubrey Meyer, Director, Global Commons Institute. 24 mins 11 secs

E: John Bunzl, National Coordinator, Simpol-UK. 9 mins 23 secs

All presentations - listen on-line.

All presentations - podcast.

An edited version of Aubrey Meyer’s presentation will be broadcast in Second Life as part of the Second Life SP Adopters’ Group event during the Diversity Festival at 9 pm UK time on Sunday 11 March.

Live speakers and question time too. Visit the blog for full details and the URL for the streaming server if you won't be in Second Life to attend the meeting.

Monday, March 5, 2007

John Bunzl's LSE talk

You can now hear John Bunzl's lecture at the London School of Economics from 27 February on the radio player in the amphitheatre. Just click on the player and select 'JB Lecture'.

You can listen to it with your on-line mp3 player by clicking here.

Or cut and past the following URL into the audio stream field of your player.

It has come out fairly well. Certainly clear enough to hear. There is a bit of key tapping and a short stuttery section when I was trying to run my Second Life browser at the same time as Nicecast. But not bad for a first attempt.

Leave your comments here, letting us now how well it came across. I'm particularly interested to know if you heard it live.

Having fun

Well, I've been making improvements in the SP amphitheatre. But there has still been some time to explore.

Dragonfly showed me a cool place for snowboarding.

This is at Wolf Mountain.

Here's a cool Salsa place worth visiting, which I took a snapshot of. This is at Acropolis Gardens.