Thursday, March 22, 2007

Discussion groups 26-30 March 2007

Climate change - cultural diversity is part of the solution

Simultaneous Policy Adopters Group (SL-SPAG) meeting - all welcome.

1pm UK time (BST), 5am SL time (PDT).

There will be an interview from SL-SPAG Radio with Shilpa Shah of the RL Akashi Project. You can find out more about the project at:

Here is how it is described:

I'm an innovative, exciting new project exploring what climate change is and making the issues relevant and interesting to different community and faith groups. I'm a partner project, between Cambridge Carbon Footprint (a small funky environmental organisation), Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum (an umbrella organisation for lots of cool organisations in and around Cambridge) and Cambridge Architectural Research (a sustainability consultancy, who host the project in their offices). I'm coordinated by Shilpa Shah, who likes to talk lots and meet new people.

SP is all about bringing people together around the world to discuss the policies they would like to see to address global problems, so Luzo Orbit thought it would be interesting to hear how Shilpa is working with people from different cultural backgrounds at a local level in Cambridge. It turns out there is a lot to learn as many people from minority cultures in the UK have links to other countries through relatives. On climate change this may mean they have a better understanding of the impact climate change - and over-consumption in the rich world - is having elsewhere.

Find out more by listening to the 12 minute interview.

You can listen in-world in the SP Amphitheatre or through the internet at:

The interview is now in the rolling programme on SL-SPAG Radio at:

At the meetings during the week 26-30 March, the recording will be played and then there will be a text chat discussion for about 30 minutes. Come along on any of the days.

For alerts about SL-SPAG events, search for the group SP Adopters in world. To support the campaign officially, you will need to register in RL (see the links to the Simpol websites).

At recent week day events, there have been typically 4 or 5 participants from around the world taking part in discussions led by Luzo Orbit. We've had people from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

So please do come along and join in.

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