Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The politics of climate change

Climate change is dominating the headlines in the UK at the moment, with opposition and governing parties arguing over what they will do. See:,,2032532,00.html

The opposition is arguing for taxation of air travel and personal allowances. The government is saying international action is required - otherwise the economy will suffer. It is a classic Simultaneous Policy (SP) scenario.

John Bunzl explained to Luzo Orbit what is going on, what we can hope for from the politicians and what it all means to SP in an interview broadcast on SL-SPAG radio at 6pm yesterday. You can now select it on the radio player in the SP Ampthitheatre (Button dated 13March07). Alternatively listen here:

Listen now/Download mp3

It is now on the loop with past interviews, presentations and the climate change policy forum. Listen to the loop via:

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