Friday, March 30, 2007

Discussion groups 2-6 April

Holding corporations accountable

1 pm UK time (BST), 5 am SL time (PDT) SP Adopters' Amphitheatre, 45 minutes.

Transnational corporations become increasingly powerful and have the economic power to threaten governments.

How can the power of corporations be balanced? In a globalized world is it time for global systems of accountability?

Some of the proposals from RL Simultaneous Policy Adopters will be on SL-SPAG radio at 5 am, with 30 minutes of text chat afterwards.

Listen on-line by clicking this link:

For further information, see the policy zone of the Simpol-UK website.

If you think these meetings are cool, vote for SL-SPAG in the New Media Awards. See:

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