Saturday, March 17, 2007

Discussion groups 19-23 March 2007

Simultaneous Policy Adopters Group (SL-SPAG) meeting - all welcome.

1pm UK time (GMT), 6am SL time (PDT).

There will be an interview from SL-SPAG Radio about Fair Trade, which sets out criteria for assuring producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce. It is a voluntary scheme. Should the Simultaneous Policy (SP) include measures to make all trade Fair Trade?

SP Adopters discuss the policies they would like to see to address global problems, such as unfair trade, and call on politicians to sign a pledge to implement SP alongside other governments. A growing number are doing so around the world, moving us closer to implementation.

SL-SPAG has regular discussions and a programme of more in-depth polic fora with guest speakers.

You can also listen to interviews and presentations on SL-SPAG Radio in-world in the SP Amphitheatre or through the internet at:

Listen to the rolling programme on SL-SPAG Radio at:

For background information see the SP websites (links at the side) and the discussion paper from RL Cambridge SP Adopters' Group (CAMSPAG). See:

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