Sunday, January 21, 2007

Swimming pool installed

I've built a swimming pool at the hang out. Here's Dragonfly trying it out, while I relax.

You need swimmer 1.1 to swim in it. You can pick that up at Siggy's Waterworld. Price was L$400 last time I visited.

Try out the pool next time you visit or sunbathe around it. The radio covers this area now, so you can hear the same music as at the dance floor and hot tub.

If you would like a pool, let me know. This fits on a 512 sq. m. plot. It needs water from Siggy's Waterworld, which is L$250. I can install a pool without the water (and help you with that once you've bought it) for just L$200. Bargain. IM if you are interested.

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