Monday, January 15, 2007

SL-Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group meeting 11 Jan 2007

The first meeting of the SL Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group (SL-SPAG) took place on 11 January in the amphitheatre on Tangun.

(Above: settling down at the amphitheatre. The chat and screen worked fine, a language translator looks promising and we will try a group test of the Ventrilo voice system at a future meeting).

It was a great meeting with half a dozen of us from UK, Canada and USA, plus a couple of visitors from the Diversity 2007 project.

It was agreed to try to set up some events and speakers, starting with a friend of Dnali's who is an expert on climate change. Look out for an announcement soon. Join the SP Adopters' Group in world to receive alerts.

There is a noticeboard in the meeting place with useful information. This includes notecards and Land Marks (LMs) for use in world and links to websites in Real Life (RL).

If you are a member of the SL-SPAG that does not make you an RL supporter of the campaign. To register in RL visit the website

Please mention you heard about the Simultaneous Policy campaign from Luzo Orbit or though SL-SPAG when you register.

The Simultaneous Policy (SP) is being developed by people around the world to address global problems such as climate change, unfair trade and unsustainability. Anyone can get involved in SL by joining the SP Adopters' Group or just come along to meetings to find out more.

We'll have guest speakers on topics you choose. I'll also stream into the amphitheatre meetings from RL and act as host to put your questions to speakers when possible.

We can use the technology for other things too, such as bands or training on aspects of SL. Just let me know what you want to do.

In parallel with this is the Cooperative Communities idea, which is a campaign in SL for neighbours, particularly on the mainland, to work together in developing their land. It's about cooperating and consensus. Those of us with land bordering each other around the hang out are the core of the new group and we agreed to meet whenever there are issues that need discussing.

At the end of the meeting we had a visit from Verum Vacirca who is organising the Diversity 2007 project. You can find information about this by picking up a notecard at the hang out.

SL-SPAG is interested in cooperating with the project, particularly a plan to have a world map where cultural and other information can be displayed. One idea is to do something on global warming to show how many tonnes of carbon dioxide are produced by people in each country and how simultaneous action is needed to address this problem.

So a great start with lots of ideas. I look forward to the next.

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