Monday, May 28, 2007

Shaping the Simultaneous Policy

Discussion forums have been added to the Simpol-UK website where it is possible to comment and vote on policy suggestions submitted so far.

Go to the 'policy zone' of:

The next SL-SPAG Radio special will look at the current ranking of suggestions. What's the most popular? How can Adopters submit proposals and get them climbing the list? How will the detail of policies be developed and decided?

It will be ready for the next round of meetings, starting on 4 June. More details shortly.

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Searle88 said...

Simultaneous Policy is fine as far as it goes. But, like anything else in life it requires many people who are seriously interested for it to become a serious form of activism.

Personally, I think real change in the world will occur with the emergence of TRANSFINANCIAL ECONOMICS which is a research,and development project of great importance. See my present internet essay (to be updated with new ideas, and research material)

Robert Searle.