Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Global justice action - what shall we do this week?

Second Life Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group (SL-SPAG) has an idea for increasing action in support of global justice. Simply pledge to take at least one action per week in support of the campaign.

You can sign up to this at Pledge Bank:


The Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign is an international democratic movement, bringing people together to decide how they want global problems to be addressed and to make the solutions a reality. It is free to join in. More people need to know about SP and so we will take at least one action every week in support of SP. It could be visiting the discussion board, listening to a talk from Second Life SP Adopters' Group, sending a message to a newspaper. Action ideas will be sent to the SP campaign yahoo group:

From Second Life SP Adopters' Group.

There is more about SP and a discussion forum at: